Hillside rock removal

This entire area was once inaccessible area to any vehicle due to the rock protruding through the hillside. This can be quite a hassle when the area cant be slashed or maintaned, leading to larger trees growing in the area which eventually will make the area useless for grazing. After a few days we were able to transform the entire hillside into a flat and smooth area, which can be easily maintained by the property owner.

Land Clearing

Our specialised equipment will, without doubt, clear you parcel of land to a higher standard, with lower cost, than any other process available. Give us a call and be amazed by how much you can save compared to tree lopping contractors, and by the quality of the finished product compared to traditional "push and pile" style of clearing usually associated with mechanical clearing.


Easy stump removal with our Stumpex. Will process stumps into shavings safely and efficiently with no flying debris or fast moving components. There is no maximum size stump that we can process. Stumpex will bore down approx. 600mm into the stump, shaving the root ball as it goes, meaning less excavation, and a fraction of the root system to remove and dispose of, should this be required for building development.