Stone wall restoration Broughton Village

Today we had to clear extremely thick privet to expose a heritage stone wall, so that it can be restored and become a feature of the property once again. Great care was required not to damage the wall. In this first stage of the project, the aim was to expose the wall and remove as much vegetation and stray rock as possible. After clean up with the flail mower, the area is now ready for grass and in a condition that it can be maintained by the owner and his ride on lawn mower.

Steep, thick lantana

This job was to clear a path through the lantana and privet that ran beneath the customers power lines. The customer had requested an access track for his tractor and sprayer so that he can poison the remaining weeds and be able to manage the easement himself. It was very difficult terrain and the vegetation was near impossible to walk through. The customer had told me that approximately three months ago, Endeavour Energy tree lopping contractors had spent three days cutting a track by hand to remove one tree half way along the power line. We made it to that point in about 2 hours and had completed the full track in 4 hours.